About Knightlite Software

About Knightlite Software

Company Overview

Knightlite produces study software for firefighters and EMT. We have been a trusted name in study software since 1996 and have helped thousands and thousands of emergency responders become certified or promoted with our easy-to-use, reasonably priced study software. We offer free immediate electronic delivery.

Main Website: http://knightlite.store 

For help and questions please email: KnightliteHelp@gmail.com 


At Knightlite, we believe that every Firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic deserves the best possible opportunity not only to succeed but to excel and reach a level of excellence. Those who work in the Fire Service and EMS are the very best who walk among us. Their dedication and commitment are a tribute to their noble and time-honored calling.

If you are preparing for a certification exam, you are faced with a massive amount of information that needs to be processed immediately and rapidly applied. Promotional exams can be even worse. You are provided a lengthily reading list, each book several hundred pages long, and you are expected to be able to answer any question that may be derived from any of these volumes. This daunting task increases stress, does little to build confidence and deters learning.

The traditional learning model of reading a textbook and attending a class lacks efficient practicality, especially with all the other activities you have going on in your life. You need an edge, something that can support you, as well as challenge you, help you relax, and build up your confidence.

Here at Knightlite, we are Firefighters and EMTs., and we know what you are going through. Since 1995 we have invested a great deal of time, money, and effort designing software for real-world use.

Our software is easy-to-use, is fun to use, and, as thousands and thousands of customers have discovered, the most essential tool they have. It helps you pinpoint your weak points so you can focus on what you don't know, rather than wasting time on information you have already mastered. The software is not one dimensional and does not employ the one-size-fits-all type of approach. Everyone is different, and we designed our software around that premise. You use the software in a way that is comfortable for you. To help you understand what the software can do, we have created video tutorials to help our customers get the most out of our products.

Our dedication to the fire service and our passion for excellence is our catalyst for designing the best study software on the market today. We have set extremely high standards for ourselves, and our customers become the beneficiaries of these efforts. Our success is a direct result of our customer's success. As we have said for decades, The Firefighters Who Use Our Software Are The Ones Who Get Promoted! Give us a try.